YOUR FRIENDLY BOXING STUDIO AND OFFERING a variety of group classes; boxing, kickboxing, crossfit and weight lifting.

Boxing, kids boxing classes + general classes for kids

Monday, Wednesday, Friday
4 P.M.

Monthly Subscription — 5000
1 Class — 600

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Founded in 2015 Bobo Gym is the perfect destination for your fitness journey. Right in the heart of Moscow our boutique sports club offers a variety of group classes: boxing, kickboxing, crossfit and weightlifting. We also offer personal training sessions under the instruction of highly experienced and certified trainers.
Thanks to the hip neighborhood, exceptionally friendly stuff, immaculate music collection and unique interior BOBO gym is one of a kind. We stand out with our inclusive and welcoming attitude, so come and see our graffiti-covered brick walls, sleek boxing ring and vintage fight club art selection.
We house a wide selection of equipment for boxing drills and crossfit circuits to cover a vast range of clientele needs, beginners to advanced.
We provide all locker room facilities including towel, personal locker and gloves if necessary. We welcome you to hydrate and refresh yourself at our healthy bar with a selection of detox juices and smoothies.
Group or individual training? The choice is yours, just keep in mind that most of our classes are designed for small groups (up to 6 people), there is a special price for a trial class (500₽/any discipline) and a subscription is not an obligatory: any classes and personal lessons can be paid on a one-time basis.
Personal training
1 Personal Lesson – 2,900 rubles
10 Lesson Package – 27,000 rubles
1 Split Training – 2,300 rubles per person
10 Split Trainings – 20,000 rubles per person
1 Personal Lesson – 2,900 rubles
10 Lesson Package – 27000 rubles
1 Split Training – 2,300 rubles per person
10 Split Trainings – 20,000 rubles per person
High Performance
1 Personal Lesson – 2,100 rubles
10 Lesson Package – 19,000 rubles
1 Split Training – 1,600 rubles per person
10 Split Trainings – 14,000 rubles per person
Visit any classes at any time.

Single Class – 1,200 rubles*
10 Classes Package – 9,000 rubles

*Expires in 3 months after your first visit.
Basic. flash
Visit any classes at any time.

5 Class Package – 4,000 rubles

*Expires in 2 weeks your first visit.
Power Lunch
1 p.m and 2 p.m. classes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday

Single Class – 700 rubles
Monthly Subscription – 7,000 rubles*

*Unlimited visits. Expires in 30 days after your first session.
happy hours
Mon-Fri at 10 a.m., 5 p.m., 6 p.m., 9 p.m. and all day long on Sunday

Single Class – 1,200 rubles
10 Classes Subscription – 7,000 rubles

*Expires in 3 months after your first visit.

To register for classes first check our schedule here, then book your class online or drop us a line at or via Telegram or WhatsApp +79263222857

To schedule a personal lesson choose a date and a preferable time slot then let us know at or via Telegram or WhatsApp +79263222857.
Denis has a master's of sport in both boxing and kickboxing. He is also two-time winner of the Russian boxing championship and a finalist of the world cup in kickboxing. Denis prides himself on clientele who become leaner, stronger as well as more agile and proficient, both in and out of the ring. He has 10 years of personal training experience.
Nikita Solonin
Nikita Solonin is professional MMA fighter and winner of numeorous boxing tournaments. Passionate and supportive with 6 year experience of training in his background Nikita is a perfect coach for both beginners and skilled clients.
Malam Lopes
Malam has over 20 years of fighting and training experience.
As champion, participant and referee of numerous Russian and international boxing tournaments his experience and skill-set is both vast and nuanced. He is held in high esteem as a mentor by all the team.
Pavel Trukhnov
Pavel Trukhnov obtained his Bachelor Degree in Sports Rehabilitation from the Russian State University of Physical Education, Sport, Youth and Tourism. Pavel is winner of numerous tournaments and has 4 years personal training experience. His enthusiasm, exuberance and positivity radiate in and out of the ring.

Sergei is a crossfit level 2 certified trainer and was champion of Russia in weightlifting in 2014. He graduated with a Bachelor of sports education from Samara Pedagogical University. His titan-like physique is the most convincing argument to sigh up for one of his classes now!
Anna is a professional athlete. She is champion of Russia as a rugby player, and a current contender in the crossfit category. She holds a certified specialist degree in sports rehabilitation. Anna is known for pushing her clients to the extreme to achieve optimal results.